72-Hour Survival Food Kit – 18 Servings


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Product Description

18 Servings of delicious breakfasts and entrees for 1 person 3 Servings per day.

•Includes 2 servings of Chili Mac with Beef
•Includes 2 servings of Pasta Alfredo with Chicken
•Includes 2 servings of Teriyaki Chicken *GLUTEN FREE
•Includes 2 servings of Noodles in Mushroom Sauce
•Includes 2 servings of Cheesy Lasagna
•Includes 2 servings of Creamy Pasta with Chicken
•Includes 2 servings of Strawberry Granola Crunch
•Includes 4 servings of Apple Cinnamon Cereal

  • Just Add Water
  • Cook in Pouch
  • Up to 7 Year Shelf Life
  • Increased Protein, Reduced Sodium, Better Recipes

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs

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