Taser Cam HD
Taser Cam HD

Taser Cam HD


The TASER CAM HD recorder was built from the ground up to work with X2 devices to automatically record superior audio and video of your TASER firings. Inserted in place of your battery, the TASER CAM HD is a fully integrated solution; when the device is armed, that is the safety switch in the up position, the TASER CAM automatically begins recording both audio and video. Not burdening the user in a dangerous situation with the need to turn on a recording device is very important and guarantees there will always be a record of the TASER firing. A fully charged battery will provide enough power for approximately 100 firings of the device and approximately 1 hour of superior video and audio recording. The TASER CAM recorder stores the video and audio records; the X2 device stores the firing records giving you an unparalleled record of events.

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